In our church services and our prayer gatherings lately, there is definitely something going on ~ something new, something different, something powerful! The Wind of the Spirit is blowing and it will not stop! This is the dawn of a new day! We have prayed and fasted for it! We have travailed for it! We have longed for it! We have believed for it! It isn't coming ~ it is already here! If you haven't witnessed it yet, you will soon ~ whether you are ready for it or not! There is so much more going on than what we see with the natural eye! The time is NOW ~ to die to self, to crucify the flesh, to totally surrender to Him, to repent, to draw near to Him, to allow Him to remove the dross and burn up every idol, to forgive others, to reject worldly desires! There are still many who are slumbering!Wake up! Prepare yourself! Don't be caught by surprise! We must yield to Him as He beckons us! Things are moving fast! We are to be as the sons of Issachar, knowing the times! Look around ~ don't you see? It's right before our eyes! Make no mistake! HE IS HOLY! We MUST be holy as He is holy! And He is coming back for a PURE and SPOTLESS Bride! We MUST be ready! WAKE UP! The Wind of the Spirit is blowing!

(Written 4/20/10)