A very wise man once told me, "You have to sit at the feet of Jesus by morning". Actually, he didn't just say it once. He said it many times over the years that I've known him. Many years ago when I first heard him say it, I wasn't quite sure what he meant. I was very young in the Lord then. But, I was like a sponge, soaking up all I could get, always hungry for more! That was a very long time ago and I have since come to understand the importance of those words. Now I share it with others! We must begin every day in communion with the Lord ~ reading His Word, talking to Him, and listening to what HE has to say to US! That is usually the hardest part for most people. We need to get our "marching orders" for the day, as that same wise man refers to it! We need a "word from the Lord" for the day, guidance, the leading of the Holy Ghost. We can't just get up and set out for the day aimlessly! We need somewhat of a plan, even strategy. Why not? The enemy of our soul has a strategy! When we are in that Secret Place with the Lord, He will not only reveal HIS strategy to us, but also the strategy of our enemy! 

Sometimes I hear people say that their time with the Lord is to and from work, that they pray while they are driving. That's a good thing to do. I've done it many times. But, we can not be focused ON or tuned IN to the still small voice of God that way! We definitely have to focus on our driving! Our alone time with Him should be just that ~ alone ~ totally devoted to Him and nothing or no one else! There should be no distractions! He deserves ALL of our attention and affections! And the best time to do it really is first thing when you get up in the morning, before you do anything else! It's similar to giving tithes. You give the firstfruits of your day to Him! When you do that, it WILL make a difference in your day. That's not to say that something might not go wrong during the day, but how you handle it will be completely different! What we need to face what each day brings can ONLY be found in the Secret Place with Jesus!

To get to know someone and have a personal relationship with them, you have to spend time with them, right? Same thing with the Lord. If you intend to really KNOW Him ~ not just know ABOUT Him ~ how is that ever going to happen if you never stop for a minute to spend quality time with Him? Women, do you like your husband to have the newspaper in his face when you are trying to talk to him? Of course not! But, that is exactly what we do to the Lord when we don't give Him our all!

So, what kind of relationship do you want with Jesus? Do you just want to know ABOUT Him? Or, do you desire more than anything a personal, intimate relationship with the Lover of your soul, the One Who created you, formed you in your Mother's womb, and called you to be His own? Then sit at the feet of Jesus by morning. He's waiting there for us, to join Him in that Secret Place where He longs to share His heart with us!

(Written 5/15/10)