Recently, the Lord spoke two words to me ~ power and authority. We can look at it two ways. If we (the Church) knew the power that is within us, we would walk in the authority God has given us. At the same time, if we knew the authority we have, we would walk in so much power! When you look up the word power, authority is one of the meanings. Likewise, if you look up the word authority, the word power is one of the meanings. This is no accident!

This is a time when we need to be walking in that power and authority that He has given to us! Yes, I said "He HAS given us"! We already have it! He has already empowered us by the Holy Ghost! It is His Spirit that gives us the power to overcome!

Father, give us (the Church) a revelation of who You REALLY are and who we REALLY are in You, that we may walk in the power and authority that You have already given us and live victorious lives that will win for the Lamb the reward of His suffering and bring You the Glory due Your Name!!!

(Written 10/12/09)