I have enjoyed so much the two days I have spent out at the Andouille Festival! It was great! I met a lot of nice people and ran into old friends. Today I met people from CR at Celebration Church in Metairie. I also have a FaceBook friend from another state that is in CR who looked at the pictures I took and commented that their local CR group was looking for something like this to do as an outreach to the community. One of the ladies that did facepainting said some of the little kids were telling her about their problems at home with parents who were alcoholics, drug addicts and some who were abusive. Jacob had the privilege of leading 4 people to the Lord Saturday night! I know that God is going to use this outreach to do great things, to set people free, to further His Kingdom and to bring glory to His Name! Many seeds were planted this weekend. Those seeds will be watered and we WILL see fruit that remains! I am so thankful and so honored to be a part of such a great ministry and to do it with some of the greatest people I know! Thanks to Darren & Nicole for being the best leaders we could ask for!

(Written 10/18/09)