The Lord is moving once again in our midst, in a new way, for a new season! He is awakening our hearts and our spirits to Him, to His Spirit, to His voice, to His leading! The old way of doing things will no longer suffice! It's a new day, a new season, and He is doing a new thing! He is moving us to a new, higher level in Him, a deeper place of intimacy! The Fire of His Holiness is demanding a laying down of our lives ~ our hopes, our dreams, our gifts and talents, our earthly desires, our worldly pleasures ~at His feet! We need to then pick up HIS desires, HIS heart, HIS dreams, and bring them to a generation, a world, that is lost, dying, and in desperate need of what ONLY HE can give them! We can be the conduit for which God uses to connect Himself to them if we just SURRENDER ALL to Him and say,"Yes, Lord!" to whatever He commands us! We are not waiting on God to move, He is waiting on us! An awakening has begun at the IHOP-KC! God is performing miracles and great testimonies are coming forth! At my church, LifeHouse Church, yesterday morning, the Spirit of God moved in a powerful way, bringing restoration and revelation! (I was personally touched in a very deep way by the Lord!) And we know this is only the beginning! I resolve to being a laid-down lover! My life is truly no longer my own, but His, to do as He pleases! In the Secret Place with the Lover of our souls is where the real transformation will take place! We must get alone with Him and give Him permission to do whatever is necessary in us for us to be all He has called us to be, to rid us of all hindrances to His work in us! In this, we will MOVE FORWARD in His will for our lives! Those who look back are not fit for the Kingdom! Leave the past behind! Follow HIS lead to the new thing He is doing in this hour! The future of a generation depends on it!

(Written 11/16/09)