I have been buying some of my vitamins and supplements for several years from a Christian owned company called Tri-Vita. This is something they teach. They don't just sell vitamins! Just living by these ten guidelines can make a tremendous difference in your life! It has in mine! (comments in parenthesis are from me)

(1) Breathe deeply

(2) Drink water (as per my research, steam distilled is the best ~ it's all I drink))

(3) Sleep peacefully (and enough)

(4) Eat nutritiously (as much raw as possible ~ I'll expound on this in another blog)

(5) Enjoy activity (more activity, more energy ~ gotta start somewhere)

(6) Give and receive love ('nuf said)

(7) Be forgiving

(8) Practice gratitude (give thanks in ALL things)

(9) Develop acceptance

(10) Develop a personal relationship with God (THE ULTIMATE GUIDELINE!!!)

(Written 10/05/09)