July 12, 2010
Recently while praying for our nation, the Lord posed a question to me. He asked,"Where is the RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION?"

Let's look at these two words separately ~~

*righteous ~ upright, moral, virtuous, godly, genuine, excellent, without guilt or sin, honest, fair, morally justifiable ~ ~ opposite is evil and wicked
*indignation ~ strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, or insulting ; righteous anger; exasperation; wrath; anger aroused by something unjust; passion

Now, www.dictionary.com actually has a definition for the two words together ~~

*RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION ~ retributive justice; anger and contempt combined with a feeling that it is one's right to feel that way; anger without guilt

Let's pose the question again. "Where is the RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION"?

So, what is the Lord saying?

I believe He is asking the church (that's right, the church) about our lack of action, about our complacency (you know what it means, no need to look it up), even our apathy! And what it all boils down to is SELFISHNESS!!! We are too busy doing OUR thing to have time to do HIS thing! We are so caught up in our day to day "busyness" that we either don't see the seriousness of what is going on around us (in other words, we are ASLEEP) , or, we pretend we don't see and hope that someone else will take care of the problems, while we go on and cater to "self"!

What He wants to know is this ~~

* the murdering of thousands of innocent babies every day
* the abolishment of the family unit as God intended it to be
* our GREAT and FREE nation being made into a socialist nation ~ and possibly coming under martial law
* the Word of God being taken from the pulpit
* pastors being jailed for saying the Name of Jesus
* millions of people, mostly women and children, being sold into a life sex/slave trafficking
* banks, big business and big government are in charge of our economy and running our country and our world into a mess on purpose so they can move ahead with their One World, One Currency plans
* the so-called Healthcare Plan is gonna kill off a huge percentage of us in the long run because government will decide who is worthy enough to receive care to live longer
* prayer, God's Word and God Himself being completely removed from society ~ and one day from our own homes
* _________________________ (fill in the blank, there are plenty more)

I know there are lots of individuals, churches, businesses, ministries, etc that are working hard and doing a LOT to fight the anti-Christ spirit/system that has risen up against us! But, as a whole, we MUST do MORE! It's good and right to pray for justice to be done, but there has to be more than that! We must do ACTS of justice! Don't just pray for an end to abortion, go out to the mills and be part of a Silent Siege and Rescue to save the babies, the Moms and the Dads, and help them into God's Kingdom! Be willing to adopt their baby if necessary! Don't just pray for legislation and laws to be changed, start petitions, get them signed and bring them to the legislative sessions and SPEAK to the members! Don't just vote, call and write those who are running for public office, long before election time, until they are tired of hearing from you and see that you mean business! Run for office of that is possible! We have to BE the change we want to see!

Speaking for myself, I can tell you that RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION is rising up in me! I sense something in myself that has not happened to me before! I made a declaration to the Lord many years ago, giving Him permission to do whatever He had to do in me, and vowed that I would do WHATEVER He asked of me, even unto death! I meant it then and I mean it even more now! I take it serious as I know He also does! These were not words I said without thinking! I don't know what this means for me, but I know that I will serve Him and Him alone! I will NOT bow my knee to another! I know it won't be easy, but His grace is sufficient as I keep my eyes focused on the Cross! I say this because I know there will come a day when it will be required of me ~ of each of us ~ if we are standing for TRUTH!

God's heart is breaking for those who are suffering injustice! And He has done something to my heart! I can't stand the ache that is there for the innocent, the broken, etc!

Time is short! The time to act is NOW! We were all born for such a time as this!!!!!


(Written 6/8/2010)



May 29, 2010
 A very wise man once told me, "You have to sit at the feet of Jesus by morning". Actually, he didn't just say it once. He said it many times over the years that I've known him. Many years ago when I first heard him say it, I wasn't quite sure what he meant. I was very young in the Lord then. But, I was like a sponge, soaking up all I could get, always hungry for more! That was a very long time ago and I have since come to understand the importance of those words. Now I share it with others! We must begin every day in communion with the Lord ~ reading His Word, talking to Him, and listening to what HE has to say to US! That is usually the hardest part for most people. We need to get our "marching orders" for the day, as that same wise man refers to it! We need a "word from the Lord" for the day, guidance, the leading of the Holy Ghost. We can't just get up and set out for the day aimlessly! We need somewhat of a plan, even strategy. Why not? The enemy of our soul has a strategy! When we are in that Secret Place with the Lord, He will not only reveal HIS strategy to us, but also the strategy of our enemy! 

Sometimes I hear people say that their time with the Lord is to and from work, that they pray while they are driving. That's a good thing to do. I've done it many times. But, we can not be focused ON or tuned IN to the still small voice of God that way! We definitely have to focus on our driving! Our alone time with Him should be just that ~ alone ~ totally devoted to Him and nothing or no one else! There should be no distractions! He deserves ALL of our attention and affections! And the best time to do it really is first thing when you get up in the morning, before you do anything else! It's similar to giving tithes. You give the firstfruits of your day to Him! When you do that, it WILL make a difference in your day. That's not to say that something might not go wrong during the day, but how you handle it will be completely different! What we need to face what each day brings can ONLY be found in the Secret Place with Jesus!

To get to know someone and have a personal relationship with them, you have to spend time with them, right? Same thing with the Lord. If you intend to really KNOW Him ~ not just know ABOUT Him ~ how is that ever going to happen if you never stop for a minute to spend quality time with Him? Women, do you like your husband to have the newspaper in his face when you are trying to talk to him? Of course not! But, that is exactly what we do to the Lord when we don't give Him our all!

So, what kind of relationship do you want with Jesus? Do you just want to know ABOUT Him? Or, do you desire more than anything a personal, intimate relationship with the Lover of your soul, the One Who created you, formed you in your Mother's womb, and called you to be His own? Then sit at the feet of Jesus by morning. He's waiting there for us, to join Him in that Secret Place where He longs to share His heart with us!

(Written 5/15/10)



May 29, 2010
 "Most of us are far more ready to believe how much we should love God than we are to believe how much He loves us. Few Christians really understand and feel that they are a delight to the Lord." (Alice Smith, "Beyond the Veil"). This is so very true. But, why? He created us for Himself! His desire is for us! There are many scriptures that tells us over and over about His unfailing Love for us! For instance ~~~

"Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us form the Love of God." (Romans 8:38-39)

"I am my Beloved's and He is mine." (SOS 6:3)

"I am my Beloved's and His desire is towards me." (SOS 7:10)

"His banner over me is love!" (SOS 2:4)

There are so many more scriptures that proclaim His Love for us! These are just a few that came to mind. A lot of people believe that God's Love is for everyone ~ except for them! The enemy has caused them to feel guilt and shame over past sins. They believe they just aren't good enough to receive God's Love. The truth is, NONE of us are good enough! Without the shed Blood of Jesus, not one of us would be worthy to receive His Love and redemption! The absolute Love of the Father sent His only Son to die a horrible death so that we could live with Him forever! And the absolute Love of Jesus caused Him to make the choice to die on that tree, to take the sins of the whole world upon Himself, to have His Father turn His back on Him ~ so that we could spend all eternity in His presence! That is the Love that He has for you, for me, for all of us!

He is waiting for you in the Secret Place, where He desires to shower you, overwhelm you, with that incredible Love! Believe it! Take all your cares there and lay them at His feet! In exchange, He will give you peace, joy, comfort and much more than you could ever imagine!

(Written 11/2/09)



May 29, 2010
In our church services and our prayer gatherings lately, there is definitely something going on ~ something new, something different, something powerful! The Wind of the Spirit is blowing and it will not stop! This is the dawn of a new day! We have prayed and fasted for it! We have travailed for it! We have longed for it! We have believed for it! It isn't coming ~ it is already here! If you haven't witnessed it yet, you will soon ~ whether you are ready for it or not! There is so much more going on than what we see with the natural eye! The time is NOW ~ to die to self, to crucify the flesh, to totally surrender to Him, to repent, to draw near to Him, to allow Him to remove the dross and burn up every idol, to forgive others, to reject worldly desires! There are still many who are slumbering!Wake up! Prepare yourself! Don't be caught by surprise! We must yield to Him as He beckons us! Things are moving fast! We are to be as the sons of Issachar, knowing the times! Look around ~ don't you see? It's right before our eyes! Make no mistake! HE IS HOLY! We MUST be holy as He is holy! And He is coming back for a PURE and SPOTLESS Bride! We MUST be ready! WAKE UP! The Wind of the Spirit is blowing!

(Written 4/20/10)



May 29, 2010
 My grandparents' house was a house full of love and laughter. The huge, 100-year-old, two-story home will forever be a beautiful picture in my memory. 

As you opened the front door to the living room during the holidays, there was always a nine foot tree by the big picture window overlooking the front porch. The tree was decorated with ornaments that were obviously older than I was at the time. My grandparents told me that the ornaments belonged to their parents. I remember that every year I looked forward to the lighted miniature city that was laid out under the tree. That was my favorite! On Christmas Eve, the whole family ~ aunts, uncles, cousins ~ gathered at the house to exchange gifts. There were also lots of goodies to snack on and holiday music that kept us singing. On Christmas Day, everyone returned to the house for a great feast! Next to the kitchen was a big inside porch that was the entire width of the house. That's where we all gathered together for our holiday dinner.

For New Year's Eve, my grandparents would buy enough fireworks for the whole family and several friends. As everyone stood on the great front porch, we lit up the sky with our roman candles and bottle rockets! There would also be a bonfire going that was never put out until after midnight. It was an awesome sight for a child!

Downstairs, there was a large basement unlike any I've ever seen! Ever year, just before Christmas, my grandparents would sponsor a Doll and Toy Fund. This was held for poor families who could not afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children. Brand new toys were given away to children who otherwise would have no Christmas.

Also held in the basement were many political gatherings. My grandparents were very active in political and many other community events. I remember meeting Moon Landrieu and Mayor Victor Schiro at my grandparents' home as a child. My grandmother still has on display my grandfather's collection of pins with political themes such as "I Like Ike".

In that same basement, every Friday night for years, there was a waiting line to get in to play Bingo! I learned to play at a very young age. People came from all around their neighborhood to play. It was a sight to see! I can still hear the winners yelling “Bingo!”!

The most memorable events in that old basement were our family get-togethers for birthdays and such. There was music, dancing and lots of good food. There was also always the Limbo! We all stood in line and waited our turn as the music played on the old record player. My Dad was the Limbo King! No one could beat him, try as they might! We also played Charades often. So much so that even the younger kids got to be very good at it.

In the backyard was a great, tall tree. We were always climbing on it. There are many picture of us as children, hanging on that tree.

Also in the backyard was the chicken coop. My grandparents kept chickens and ducks. I loved to run through there to make the animals jump up and flap their wings! I also like to watch them hurry toward me as I scattered their food about at feeding time. The ducks seemed to enjoy sitting in their water more than drinking it!

During Mardi Gras, there were many King Cake parties at their house. Whoever got the baby bought the next cake, but the party was always were at their house. There were boxes of beads and trinkets for everyone that my grandparents had collected from all the parades they attended. They knew so many people in the krewes that they were showered with throws!

Thanksgiving was another special time with lots of food and fun for everyone. To this day, every year during Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin, Judy, and I kid each other about who will eat the most dinner rolls! 

Now that my grandpa is not with us anymore, my grandma continues the legacy. Since we are all grown with families of our own now, it’s not quite as easy to get us all together. Once a year, for Thanksgiving, everyone gathers at the house for a big family dinner. There are a lot more of us now then there were back then. That makes it all the more special!

Yes, my grandparents’ house is a house full of love and laughter!



May 29, 2010
The Lord is moving once again in our midst, in a new way, for a new season! He is awakening our hearts and our spirits to Him, to His Spirit, to His voice, to His leading! The old way of doing things will no longer suffice! It's a new day, a new season, and He is doing a new thing! He is moving us to a new, higher level in Him, a deeper place of intimacy! The Fire of His Holiness is demanding a laying down of our lives ~ our hopes, our dreams, our gifts and talents, our earthly desires, our worldly pleasures ~at His feet! We need to then pick up HIS desires, HIS heart, HIS dreams, and bring them to a generation, a world, that is lost, dying, and in desperate need of what ONLY HE can give them! We can be the conduit for which God uses to connect Himself to them if we just SURRENDER ALL to Him and say,"Yes, Lord!" to whatever He commands us! We are not waiting on God to move, He is waiting on us! An awakening has begun at the IHOP-KC! God is performing miracles and great testimonies are coming forth! At my church, LifeHouse Church, yesterday morning, the Spirit of God moved in a powerful way, bringing restoration and revelation! (I was personally touched in a very deep way by the Lord!) And we know this is only the beginning! I resolve to being a laid-down lover! My life is truly no longer my own, but His, to do as He pleases! In the Secret Place with the Lover of our souls is where the real transformation will take place! We must get alone with Him and give Him permission to do whatever is necessary in us for us to be all He has called us to be, to rid us of all hindrances to His work in us! In this, we will MOVE FORWARD in His will for our lives! Those who look back are not fit for the Kingdom! Leave the past behind! Follow HIS lead to the new thing He is doing in this hour! The future of a generation depends on it!

(Written 11/16/09)



May 29, 2010
 **Proverbs 3:5-6 ~ 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

***Trust ~

*reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing

*confident expectation



*rely upon

*expect confidently

*instinctive unquestioning belief in and reliance upon

*assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person

*to commit one's care to

*to risk

Antonyms (this is scary) ~



***We definitely DON'T want to hold on to or keep anything ~ we need to put it ALL in God's hands and TRULY TRUST HIM!!!

(Written 10/23/09)



May 29, 2010
1. Microwaved Food
2. Excitotoxins (MSG – monosodium glutamate, aspartame) and anything you can’t pronounce
3. Homogenized and non-organic dairy products
4. Any product that contains hydrogenated oil
5. Anything you can’t pronounce do not put on your skin (propylene glycol / mineral oil)
6. Non-filtered water for drinking, showering, bathing and swimming
7. Pork and shellfish
8. White sugar and white flour
9. Any meat that’s not totally organic, range free, grass fed, and properly killed
10. “Fat Free”, “Sugar Free” anything

*This came from Kevin Trudeau's website



May 29, 2010
 Have you ever heard someone mention a "God-shaped hole" being in each one of us? It's true! There is a longing deep within us that can be satisfied ONLY by His Presence, His Love, His connection to us! Before we realize what it is, we are "looking for love in all the wrong places", so to speak. That's why no matter what good thing we "think" we have found, it can never satisfy us! We are complete only when we have become one with Him! We were created BY Him, FOR Him! His desire is for us! 

At the time the woman at the well met Jesus, she had previously had five husbands and was living with a sixth man. But, that day, she met her True Love, the Lover of her soul! She knew that was what she had been looking for and believed it so strongly that she couldn't help but tell the whole town! Now that is the real thing! She made that ultimate connection with the Lord that day! And that is what He desires with each of us ~ for our hearts to beat as one with His! We lose our identity in Him!

We must chase after Him with total abandon until we get a hold of Him! I am obsessed with being in the secret place with Him ~ addicted to His Presence! I want to pour out everything in me and lay it at His feet! I want my heart to beat in harmony with His! I want my heart to break with the things that break His heart! I am a lovesick fool for my Bridegroom!

(Written 9/27/09)



May 29, 2010
I know that every generation has thought that. And, what is considered the "last days" could be quite a long time period. But, according to what the Word says about the signs of the times, and considering the "condition" of things today, I would say that I believe we are most definitely in what would be called the last days! I heard someone prophesy recently that we are in "the beginning of sorrows". Who's to say? But, I can tell you this. We are in very serious times and the Church needs to be watchful! A few years ago, the Lord said to me that the Church needs to WAKE UP and RISE UP and be ALL that He has called her to be! The time is NOW!

(Written 10/12/09)


 The picture above is from our roof in Mexico looking out on a beautiful sunset!

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